How Haivision's SRTHub Allows Broadcasters to Focus on the Content, Instead of the Journey.

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05 Apr

How Haivision's SRTHub Allows Broadcasters to Focus on the Content, Instead of the Journey.

Haivision are thrilled to announce the launch of SRTHub, a cloud service on Microsoft Azure.

SRTHub is an on-demand, media routing solution that enables broadcasters to easily stream video and transport files through the cloud. It leverages the open-source, Emmy® award-winning SRT protocol and Microsoft Azure to securely and reliably transport live video for contribution, production, and distribution workflows – globally.

Lowering latency and having easy access to media routing services is crucial for broadcasters that want to immediately produce breaking news stories and support live events. Haivision developed SRTHub to reduce the complexity and time-to-air for live content and provide broadcasters with a cost-effective and agile alternative to satellite links.

SRTHub makes global video routing easy

SRTHub addresses an aspect of remote news gathering that often gets ignored, by automating the usually complex, tedious, and repetitive steps involved with setting up media workflows through the cloud.

One of the challenges of cloud-based video streaming is the time required to manually set up the route. It is a relatively straightforward process, but with so many steps involved, there are just as many opportunities for errors when you have to manually route your stream each and every time. This is even more of a hurdle when time is of the essence.

With SRTHub, you can set up your routes in advance to be used on-demand. Leveraging the SRT protocol and Microsoft Azure containers, you can have a variety of routes set for whenever you need to send your live video streams.

Instead of manually setting up streams and cloud instances, SRTHub removes the complexity and automatically provisions the processing resources (Azure containers) that are required in any data center to help scale and route media from the source to its destination. And with the time saved on routing your streams, your team can truly focus on creating the best video content possible.

Power combo: low-latency SRT and the Microsoft Azure backbone

Broadcasters need to be able to move quickly to bring content to their viewers. The SRT protocol has transformed broadcast workflows by providing a low-latency means to transport video over IP. With SRT, your streams are secure, reliable, and fast – even if your network isn’t. (New to the SRT protocol? Learn how broadcasters like Comcast and NBC Sports leverage SRT video streaming.)

By using Microsoft Azure backbone, SRTHub is an immensely scalable solution. Microsoft Azure has the global reach, network quality, and network capacity to allow broadcasters to scale in terms of distance and streaming volume.

Microsoft Azure provides global coverage – it serves 52 regions around the world – an unparalleled reach. And with the SRT protocol’s ability to adapt to variable network conditions, streams will be able to travel around the globe seamlessly.

SRTHub leverages the capabilities of Microsoft Azure with a fully automated and scalable architecture. It intelligently routes media across the Azure backbone and benefits from the Microsoft IoT framework for discovery, provisioning, and communication with paired devices – such as video encoders and media gateways.

And if you’re at NAB Show 2019 this week – you do not want to miss the SRT & Azure panel, co-sponsored by Microsoft and Haivision. (And if earlier SRT panels are any indication – you’ll want to get there early to make sure you have a seat!)