Haivision is a market leader in low latency video streaming and video encoding solutions for broadcasters, enterprises and government organizations.


Makito X Video Encoder Series

Haivision's award-winning H.264 and HEVC video encoders and decoders enable ultra low latency end-to-end transport of secure, high-quality HD video, even over unpredictable networks.


KB video Encoder & Transcoder Series

The KB series of H.264 & HEVC Internet Media Encoders and Transcoders deliver high-quality video streaming for resolutions up to 4K, available as small form factor portable appliances as well as rackmountable enterprise-grade servers. The KB series provides you with multiple options for live streaming, helping you deliver the highest quality video to your global internet audience.


Haivision SRT Gateway

Haivision SRT Gateway is a highly flexible and scalable broadcast solution for secure routing of live video streams across different types of IP networks. By serving as a network bridge and converting between protocols including SRT, SRT Gateway provides broadcasters with cost-effective live video streaming to one or multiple destinations for content production and distribution.


Haivision Play Video Player

Haivision Play offers a series of high performance video player applications that provide enterprise video users with the flexibility to watch their Haivision Media Platform video on any screen. Haivision Play is available for mobile devices, managed set-top-boxes and Apple TVs. It gives users a high quality viewing experience anywhere while ensuring controlled access to video content for individuals and groups. Haivision Play is protected from unauthorized viewing and sharing with multicast AES and encrypted HLS.


Haivision Media Platform

Organise, manage and share secure, high quality live and on-demand video to every employee, on any screen - desktops, monitors and mobile devices - anywhere. 

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