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Slingshot — workflow automations GUI & API for the EVO shared media storage server

Slingshot from SNS boost productivity by eliminating those repetitive tasks in your workflow. Create and run automatic file transfers between EVOs, other systems or even the cloud.
Users can create workflows using the simple point and click GUI, or use the API for total flexibility and control.

Slingshot offers several paths for automatically transporting files from one place to another, such as:
  • Single EVO - between files on a single EVO
  • EVO to other systems: Send files to other systems (AFP, SMB/CIFS, or even FTP).
  • EVO to cloud: Sed to cloud services includingAmazon S3 and Amazon Glacier.
  • EVO to EVO: Transfer between two or more EVO systems
  • Offload/transport engine: Use Slingshot to direct your transfers from a supported system to any other supported system, even if none of the files are on EVO. (API only)

Designed from the ground up to meet today's workflow challenged, Singshot can perform tasks including
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Delete
  • Transcode
  • Email

These tasks can be used to create workflows including
  • Build and run scheduled workflow automations
  • set watch folders on EVO workspaces
  • Use file queries to control the scope of automation
  • Do file transfers without a workstation

SNS have made automation a central function of the EVO storage server itself. Slingshot is a powerful tool, with massive potential for creative teams.

Slingshot required EVO OS v5.8 or higher. Be sure to visit SNS at IBC 2018 booth 7.A44 to see Slingshot in action.

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