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AR, MR, XR and VR Streaming

With many different terms about we take a closer look at the meaning and differences between the four R's AR, MR, XR, and Vr. And look at the real world examples of how these technologies are already being implemented and what the future might hold.

AR- Augmented Reality
MR - Mixed Reality
XR-eXtender Reality
VR - Virtual Reality

Each of these R's provide a new basis for delivering streaming media to new and emerging devices including VR goggles and heads-up displays.

There are key differences between each of reality. On one end of the spectrum is Physical Reality - the space we occupy, on the other end, is Virtual Reality - a totally digital environment. Between virtual and physic reality is all the other Rs of reality. Augmented reality is where you have digital objects in a physical environment. mixed reality is a combination of digital object and real people interacting with each and a physical space. Extended reality is a term used to encompass all of these digital realities -AR, MR, and VR.

SME 2018: ABC's Raj Moorjani Talks Immersive Storytelling
Streaming Media's Tim Siglin interviews ABC News Product Manager Raj Moorjani at Streaming Media East 2018

SME 2018: Mobeon's Mark Alamares Talks Challenges of Making Immersive Video Mainstream
Streaming Media Contributing Editor Tim Siglin interviews Mobeon CEO Mark Alamares at Streaming Media East 2018


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