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wowza video series

Wowza - Low Latency Video Streaming Series

Watch Wowza's four-part video series covering everything you need to know about low-latency streaming.

Part one covers what low-latency means and which streaming use cases require it. Part two talks about the options for replacing RTMP delivery. In part three we discuss the tools and technologies supported by Wowza for low latency streaming delivery and take a look at what the future holds. Part four, the final instalment, examines the real development and application trends that are spurring innovation. Watch the who series here or jump into each part. 

Part one in this series covers all the basics. Answering questions including - What is low latency streaming? When is low latency streaming important? and How does low latency streaming work?

 Although still a popular and reliable streaming method, the phasing out of RTMP has already begun, and WebRTC is emerging as a popular and viable alternative. Part 2exploress the format of WebRTC

Low latency streaming is a must for may user cases including two-way video chat, auctions, gambling, financial trading, live sports and concerts. In this video Wowza discus their tools and the technology, they support for low latency streaming. 

Low Latency video is becoming increasingly important for a variety of applications as more services are looking to increase real-time engagement. This final video instalment examines the real developments and applications trends that are inspiring innovation. 

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