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AI auto-tagging comes to ShareBrowser

At NAB 2018, SNS previewed AI auto-tagging in its ShareBrowser application. With just a click of a button, this new feature will automatically tag all of your videos in ShareBrowser in a matter of minutes.

The content in your video is identified automatically using artificial intelligence, tagged with keywords, and searchable.

This great feature could revolutionise your workflow saving you time and money. Use the AI as a first pass on all your media once it hits the EVO systems. Speed the time take on simple repetitive tasks. This AI feature also has great potential to unlock the hours of archived media you have stored. Imagine sending thousands of hours of archived video through AI and having it quickly, accurately and inexpensively, automatically processed and categorised so that it’s instantly searchable by your team.

Check out the demo video or find out more about AI in ShareBrowser at www.studionetworksolutions.com

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