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SNS ShareBrowser Web App

We've always been a fan of ShareBrowser from Studio Network Solutions. It makes simple work of searching and organising your media assets, plus its free with all EVO systems. Now SNS have released ShareBrowser as a web app.

The new web app can be accessed via the local network or over wifi. Just point your web browser to EVO and login. There's no need to download or install any desktop applications.

If your already a devoted ShareBrowser user both the desktop and web app seamlessly integrate. All the comments, tags, and proxies you make in the desktop version will be available in the web app. Because there is nothing to install the ShareBrowser web app is the easiest way to bring in more collaborators to your projects. Web app users won’t need a wired connection, and they won’t even need to access the file system.

The ShareBrowser web app has a clean, intuitive beautiful design user interface.

With the new ShareBrowser web app, you no longer have to install a desktop application to search, organize, and add metadata to your media. Simply point your web browser to EVO and login! You’ll instantly find proxies of your EVO’s media, and you’ll love the beautifully designed, intuitive, clutter-free web interface.with the design of the new web app SNS brought the best of HTML5's capabilities with the most useful features for a broader group of contributors in a media workflow. Some of the highlights include:
  • Tag auto-completion
  • Updated search results as you type
  • An embedded mini-viewer and full-screen pop-out viewer
  • Keyboard shortcuts for navigating, tagging, and commenting
  • The ability to view media proxies using http (instead of mounting proxy shares)
  • Give more precise feedback
  • Along with the new web interface, you can add timecode to your comments. Love the action at a certain spot in a clip? Press Ctrl+B to drop the viewer’s timecode right into your comment.

You can use the web app from the comfort of your web browser, whether you’re on the local network or Wi-Fi.

With the new web app also comes a new - but familiar- way of organising media within ShareBrowser - Bins. Find your media in search, add it to a bin and bridge the features between the web and desktop apps. This, for example, can be used to curate media in the web app and then in the desktop app send the files directly to Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro. a great feature for all involved the review process.

With the new web app comes a new way to sort your media that’s immediately familiar - Bins. Simply find your media using multi-criteria search, add it to a bin, and bridge features between the web app and the desktop app. For example, you can access your bins from the ShareBrowser desktop app, then send the files you collected in the web app directly to Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

ShareBrowser web app is available under an early access program. If you’d like to include your team in a preview release version of the web app and latest full client (ShareBrowser v.5.0), please click here to add your organization to the candidate list. (Your EVO must be running v.5.8.1 or higher to use the web app.)

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