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What do the new Avid Creative tools update mean for existing Media Composer and Pro Tools | HD users?

 With the recent changes to the Avid Creative Tools lineup we break down changes and what they mean for existing Media Composer and Pro Tools HD customers. 

Media Composer

If you've previously been using Media Composer. Good news! Your Media Composer is now Media Composer | Ultimate . Media Composer| Ultimate— delivers the same real-time, integrated workflows you know and love, but with even more value and a new name!


The Media Composer family has also been expanded to include a new tier of product - just called Media Composer. This is essentially the same product as before, but without collaboration tools, shared storage and the access to the media Central environment that Media Composer Ultimate (Previously Media Composer) have.


For Subscriptions customers - on your next product update or renewal - alongside all the great Media Composer features you are used to with Media composer | Ultimate you'll see some new options - PhraseFind, ScriptSync, Symphony and NewsCutter!

Here is what the new Media Composer line up looks like


Media Composer | First—A free version of Media Composer for aspiring video professionals and beginners who need editing tools to learn and grow


Media Composer—Industry-standard video editing software for independent video editing professionals and moviemakers who need more advanced tools


Media Composer | Ultimate—Industry-standard video editing software for professional editors and journalists who need advanced post-production and collaborative capabilities




  Media Composer | First Media Composer Media Composer | Ultimate
Free X   X
Publish to Social X X X
24 Tracks Video / 64 Track Audio   X X
High Res Mastering   X X
Shared Projects/Bins     X
Media Central | Panel     X
Floating Licensing Tool     X
Symphony Option   £ X/£
PhraseFind Option   £ X/£
ScriptSync Option   £ X/£
NewsCutter Option     X/£
Media Composer | Cloud VM     £

Media Composer | Ultimate Subscription includes all options for perpetual options they must be added

Media Composer License Options

Media Composer is now available in a variety of ways. We break down the options for buying

Media Composer Perpetual License
a perpetual license is the traditional license mode to purchase Avid Media Composer. Both Media Composer and Media Composer | Ultimate are available as a perpetual license. The Perpetual license does not include the additional options - ScriptScync, PhraseFind, and Symphony. These are available as add-on subscriptions. Media composer perpetual license do include 1-year software and updates and support plan which provides access to all new releases, standard web support for the period. Elite support can be purchased for high priority web and phone assistance. Support can be renewed each year, if you don't you can still continue to use media composer at the last version available before the plan expired, but you won't receive any future updates or support.

Media Composer Subscriptions
Instead of purchasing media composer outright you can inside buy a media composer subscription. An annual subscription offers a lower initial outset cost. Subscriptions also include access to all new releases and standard web support. Subscriptions can offer increased flexibility over the perpetual license. Add additional license when needed. You can also forecast for license cost on a yearly cycle instead of paying out in one lump sum every few years for new software or upgrades. Media Composer | Ultimate subscriptions include access to all options as standard PhraseFind, ScriptSync, Symphony and NewsCutter.

Floating licenses
For large scale media enterprises, post-production houses and educational institutions floating license are available for Media Composer | Ultimate. This enables the quick deployment of licenses across facilities. It can also be a cost-effective solution. Multiple users can access media composer from different locations at different times so long as licenses are available. Floating license are available in packs of 5, 20 and 50. Included is a years support and upgrades and all Media Composer options.

Media Composer upgrades
If you own an older version of media composer you can upgrade from media composer 5 at a great price when you upgrade to a Media Composer Ultimate Subscription. For users with license older than version 5 options are a subscription to Media Composer, a Media Composer | Ultimate Subscription or a Media Composer | Ultimate perpetual license.

Pro Tools

Pro Tools | HD is now renamed  Pro Tools | Ultimate. It's still everything you need to take on more demanding music and immersive audio production.


On your next product update or renewal, you'll see Pro Tools | Ultimate in your Avid Master Account and in the product UI. Along with the new name, you’ll also see some new options!  You can now expand your creative possibilities and workflow with access to the Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle and Pro Tools | MachineControl included with all Pro Tools | Ultimate subscriptions and 1-year Software Updates and Support Plans. From enhancing mixes with legendary sound processors, to remotely controlling devices in your studio, Pro Tools | Ultimate offers more value than ever!



Here is what the Pro Tools line up now looks like.


Pro Tools | First - For entry-level users, start off the right using many of the same tools used by your favorite artists and recording studios—absolutely free


Pro Tools The industry-standard digital audio workstation that offers everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix audio—in the studio or in the cloud


Pro Tools | Ultimate  - The industry-standard digital audio workstation with advanced features and workflows for more demanding commercial music and audio post-production

Pro Tool | First
Pro Tools
Pro Tool | Ultimate
Pro Tools 2018.4
Avid Complete Plugin Bundle included Compatible but not included X
ProTools | MachineControl included Not Compatible X
Pro Tools 2018.1
Retrospective MIDI Record X X X
MIDI Editing Enhancements X X X
Track PResets X X X
Mixing UI Improvements X X X
Improved Import Session Data - X X
Playlist Compiling Enhancements - X X
"Start Collaboration" File Menu Item - X X
iLok Cloud Support - X X









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