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SNS Announce new EVO DPX

SNS announce the EVO DPX -purpose-built shared storage for demanding grading, compositing, and finishing workflows

The EVO DPX is qualified for 16-bit 4K DPX at 29.97fps right out of the box. a system with only 8 disks can handle real-world workloads of ~3,000 megabytes/s aggregate. EVO DPS includes ultra-high performance, high write endurance SSDs that help to deliver incredible throughput to colourists, VFX artists and editors.

With built-in 25Gb Ethernet connectivity, the new EVO can stream DPX/EXR and multiple streams of ProRes or other media. In many cases you can even directly connect your workstations to EVO, no switch required. EVO DPX can even be custom configured for even higher workloads with options for 50Gb Ethernet connectivity are available.

EVO DPX enables your team to work and collaborate across multiple OSes. You can have a VFX artist on Linux, a DaVinci Resolve colourist on Windows, and Premiere Pro editors on Mac all working from the same storage system. for ultimate workflow harmony, it’s now easier than ever to incorporate your DPX and OpenEXR workflows into a shared environment, alongside motion graphics and edit suites running Premiere Pro, Avid, or FCP X.


  • Supports up to 16-bit 4K (DCI) DPX/EXR @ 29.97fps
  • 3GBytes/s system throughput (aggregate read)


  • Includes 8 x High Endurance Data Center SSDs
  • Supports up to 24 x SSD (6Gb/s SATA or 12Gb/s SAS)


  • Up to 32TB (8 x 4TB SSD) included
  • Supports up to 24 x 4TB SSD

Software Included

  • Unlimited licenses of ShareBrowser media management software

Built-in Connectivity

  • Includes 2 x 1Gb Ethernet (expandable)
  • Includes 1 x 25Gb Ethernet (expandable)
  • Other configurations of 1/10/25/50GbE available

Windows, Linux, Mac Supported

    EVO DPX can be used with multiple operating systems, and you can use any or all of these platforms with EVO.

Enhanced Features

    EVO is loaded with features built to improve shared media workflows. 

Operating System

    Powered by EVO OS v.6.1

For more info on EVO DPX or any other SNS product please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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