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Embrionix Introduce emQUAD the Worlds First IP ST2110 Quad View

Embrionix launches the emQUAD, the world first ST2110 quad split at IBC2017

The emQUAD transform your simple HDMI or SDI monitor into an IP (ST2110) quad viewer. The miniature adaptor can be installed at the back of the monitor receiving the IP signal via optical fiber removing the need for an additional HDMI cable extenders. The emQUAD re-use the same emVIEW-7 type platform. This means the module can be upgraded to a quad split processor by a simple change of its internal program (micro-service), leveraging the unique Embrionix emSFP “Software Defined SFP” platform capabilities.

“The new emQUAD is a natural evolution of our emVIEW product line, expending our practical and cost-effective monitoring solutions for uncompressed IP signals. This miniature converter uses one single fiber link to an IP switch to bring the four IP sources as well as control, tallies, and label information, then connects to the HDMI input of the monitor to deliver the quad view. This ultra-lean solution processes the signals in a pure native IP without converting back to SDI, resulting in a low latency, high quality, and cost-effective solution.” Said Louis Caron, Director of product development.

“The platform uses the universal NMOS ISO-4/5 control and discovery API which is being defined by the AMWA organization. This greatly facilities the integration with third-party control systems. Embrionix is very proud with the accomplishment as it is truly a game changer for the multiviewer product business. ” added Louis Caron

For more information on emVIEW or any Embrionix product please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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