Gefen Introduces Over 30 New Products including UHD and AVoIP solutions

Gefen has re-established its dominance in the market with over thirty new UHD and AV over IP products, introduced at the recent InfoComm 2017 show. Here are some of the highlights.

4K Video and KVM Extension
Gefen has entered the market with a new range of IP Video and KVM extensions solutions. 4K Ultra HD HDMI over IP with IR and RS232 control, and two 4K UHD KVM over IP models, with either HDMI or Displayport TX/RX. The new offerings are not just limited to 4K video; up to 1080p signals can be sent using two HD KVM models with DVI or VGA. In addition, a digital and analogue audio over IP extender has been announced, perfect for audio-only end point such as PA systems.

4K 600MHz Signal Processing Management
New to Gefen are full 4K 600MHz signal processing management systems, including two new HDMI matrixes - 4x4 or 8x8. Accepting 4K DCI or UHD up to 60Hz 444. Inputs are capable of up and downscaling between 4K and 1080 HD. Each output is coupled with digital and analogue audio outputs. EXT-UHD600-12-DS is both a splitter with 4K 600Mhz HDMI 2.0 and EDID management. This 1:2 splitter has one output capable of a 4K to HD downconversion whilst the other can upconvert 1080 to 4K. Users can maintain the fidelity of the original signal while converting to match the format of other equipment using the other output. Gefen has also added a full bandwidth HDMI 2.0 extender, with a range of up to 200m over Fibre.

4K Ultra HD Presentation Switchers and Processor
Gefen has announced three new presentations with 4x1, 5x1, and 9x1 in/outputs. Each switcher features 4K inputs on HDMI and displays port. Combines with legacy connection DVI, VGA, component and composite inputs which can be upscaled. Output to both HDMI and HDBaseT for extension. The auto switching feature offers hands-free switching once any device is connected - this is a great feature in applications such as boardrooms. Gefen's new multiviewer supports four 1080 HD sources displayed concurrently on a single UHD screen. Conversely, update video wall processor with a single 4K HDMI 2.0 connected will output 4 HD HDMI outputs in a 2x2, 1x4 or 4x1 configuration.

Gefen has further extended its HDBaseT offering with multiple HDMI 2.0 extenders including some from the Gefen Toolbox Range. Models differ by their maximum extension distance and additional video, audio and control connections and switching/scaling capabilities. One option is also available as a wall plate.

Other new products
Built on a strong legacy of Wireless extension products, the new Gefen Wireless HDMI 60 GHz Short Range extender breathes new life into the wireless lineup. Using the high 60 Gigahertz band to transmit up to a Full HD 1080p signal, this extender pair can reach distances of 8 meters (25 feet), which provides the perfect in-room solution for mobile and temporary applications, such as conference and presentation rooms. The new Gefen USB 2.0 SR extender is a new, short-range extender that provides less distance (50 meters) and one less USB Type A port (1 port only) than the Gefen USB 2.0 Long Range version, but at a reduced cost. This combination of distance and pricing opens the market to new customers who are looking for the reliability of a Gefen USB extender but do not need the added distance or additional port of the LR model.

Full New Product Release List

EXT-UHD-LANS-TX - 4K Ultra HD HDMI over IP Sender unit
EXT-UHD-LANS-RX - 4K Ultra HD HDMI over IP Receiver unit
EXT-UHDKA-LANS-RX - 4K Ultra HD HDMI KVM over IP Receiver
EXT-ADA-LAN-TX - Digital and Analog Audio over IP Sender
EXT-ADA-LAN-RX - Digital and Analog Audio over IP Receiver
EXT-DPKA-LANS-TX - 4K DisplayPort KVM over IP Sender
EXT-DPKA-LANS-RX - 4K DisplayPort KVM over IP Receiver
EXT-UHD-600A-44 - 4K Ultra HD 600MHx 4x4 Matrix with HDR and Audio De-embedder
EXT-UHD-600A-88 - 4K Ultra HD 600MHx 8x8 Matrix with HDR and Audio De-embedder
EXT-UHD600-12-DS - 4K Ultra HD 600 MHz 1:2 Scaler with EDID Detective
EXT-UHD600-1SC - 4K 600 MHz HDMI Extender over one SC-terminated Fibre
EXT-4K600A-MF-41-HBTLS - 4K Ultra HD Multi-Format 4x1 Scaler/Switcher with Auto-Switching & HDBaseT Output
EXT-4K600A-MF-51-HBTLS - 4K Ultra HD Multi-Format 5x1 Scaler/Switcher with Auto-Switching & HDBaseT Output
EXT-4K600A-MF-91-HBTLS - 4K Ultra HD Multi-Format 9x1 Scaler/Switcher with Auto-Switching & HDBaseT Output
EXT-UHD600A-MVSL-41 - 4K Ultra HD 600 MHz 4x1 Multiview Seamless Switcher with Audio De-Embedder
EXT-UHD600A-VWC-14 - 4K Ultra HD 600 MHz Video Wall Controller with Audio De-Embedder
GTB-UHD-HBTL - 4K Ultra HD HDBaseTTM Extender over one CAT-5 with 2-way IR and POL
GTB-UHD-HBT - 4K Ultra HD HDBaseTTM Extender over one CAT-5 with RS-232, 2-way IR and POL
EXT-UHDV-HBTLS-TX - 4K Ultra HD Multi-Format 2x1 HDBaseTTM Sender w/ Scaler, Auto-Switching, and POH
EXT-UHDV-WP-HBTLS-TX - 4K Ultra HD Multi-Format 2x1 HDBaseTTM Sender w/ Scaler, Auto-Switching, and POH
EXT-UHDA-HBTL-RX - 4K Ultra HD HDBaseTTM Receiver w/ Audio De-Embedder and POH
EXT-UHD600-KA-HBT2 - 4K Ultra HD 600 MHz HDBaseTTM 2.0 DSC Extender w/ HDR, USB, Ethernet, RS-232 2-way IR, Audio De-Embedder, and Bi-Directional POH
GTB-UHD600-HBT - 4K Ultra HD 600 MHz HDBaseTTM Extender w/ HDR, RS-232, 2-way IR, and POL
GTB-UHD600-HBTL - 4K Ultra HD 600 MHz HDBaseTTM Extender w/ HDR, 2-way IR, and POL
EXT-WHD-60G-SR - Wireless Presentation Extender for HDMI 60 GHz SR
EXT-USB2.0-SR - USB 2.0 SR Extender over one CAT-5

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