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Many of the latest software and hardware trends and solutions from the industry were on show at the recent NAB 2017 event, along with some rather clever products from BirdDog. The new BirdDog Studio NDI is the world's first hardware-based NDI video encoder – this camera mountable encoder will take your HDMI or SDI video signals up to 1080p60 and instantly transmit them over your Gigabit ethernet in real-time NDI picture quality.

BirdDog Studio NDI enables your existing cameras to be included into a new IP workflow for your live productions. Once you convert your HDMI or SDI signal to IP, the possibilities of live productions are magnified. You can access video resources from anywhere in the facility, plus easily integrate Tally into productions, even outside the studio. Any network connection becomes a live video input into your switcher, giving you more flexibility.

Complete with PoE (Power over Ethernet) and Tally intagration on its internal monitor and external connections, Studio NDI will transform the way you set up productions. The company is also launching a camera control cable, which contains all your NDI video signals, audio, tally and power, along with access to your external gear like PTZ control.

Give us a call to find out more about this clever product that will be shipping shortly, or watch the videos below. To start with, here's a great video interview from Mat Cooper with Dan Miall, CEO of BirdDog, about the BirdDog Studio NDI:


Have a look at BirdDog's promotional video about the new Studio NDI to see all its features:

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