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Wirecast Gear

Wirecast Gear

Fully configured live Video Streaming Productions System - Affordable and Easy to use. 

Wirecast Gear System Setup

Ready to Go

Wirecast Gear is your full live streaming system. Ready to go to any destination, be that FaceBook Twitter,  YouTube or any web destination. Simply plug in up to 4 SDI/HDMI inputs and get streaming. 

Versatile Design

Wirecast Gear can sit on your desktop or can be rack mounted in a 19" rack set-up using optional ears and rails. Gear is portable so you can take it with you on location. 

Hardware Accelerated Encoding

With its built-in hardware-accelerated Quick Sync encoding Wirecast Gear can stream to multiple destinations simultaneously and record. Supporting RTMP, RTP and windows media protocols.  


Wirecast Gear is an affordable all in one system. Connect to a screen plus in your sources and go. You don't need any expensive additional equipment to get started.

Powerful Production

Each Wirecast Gear comes complete with Wirecast Pro live streaming software. Switch between multiple cameras or media, add titles, graphics, chroma key, scoreboards and much much more.

Gear Care

For total peace of mind, Wirecast Gear care can be added to extend warranty and support to three years. Get all upgrades, plus priority access to support and advanced replacements. 

Wirecast Gear 110
Live event production and streaming
  • Wirecast Pro
  • 4 HDMI ports
  • 250 GB storage 
  • NewBlue Titler Live Present
Wirecast Gear 210
Perfect for sports broadcasters
  • Wirecast Pro
  • 4 SDI ports
  • 500 GB storage 
  • NewBlue Titler Live Sport
Wirecast Gear 230
Advanced live video streaming
  • Wirecast Pro
  • 4 SDI ports / SDI Output
  • 2 TB Storage
  • NewBlue Titler Live Complete


Wirecast Gear 110

Wirecast Gear 110

WCG-110-NA  -  Wirecast Gear 110, 4 x HDMI, 250GB SSD.

Wirecast Gear 210

Wirecast Gear 210

WCG-210-NA  -  Wirecast Gear 210, 4 x SDI, 500GB SSD.

Wirecast Gear 230

Wirecast Gear 230

WCG-230-NA  -  Wirecast Gear 230, 4 x SDI in/output, 2TB SSD.

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