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Folder Mirroring

axle automatically monitors folder or storage devices and recreates them in axle. Any changes made in the file system will be mirrored in axle

Proxy Playback

axle generate proxy files for all media, so files can be played back without loading or buffering. These proxies can be downloaded and played back even if the original media is removed and archived. 

Search and Filter

All of axle's fields and metadata are searchable. The powerful search tool scans the entire media library and has an advanced GUI to focus the search targeting specific fields, combinations or exclusions. 

Tagging and metadata

Users can select what metadata is collected from standard metadata fields and axle will automatically collect these fields during the indexing process. Custom metadata fields are also supported with a wild range of types including free-form text fields, dates, and lists. 

Comment and Approve

Comments in axle can be targeted to individual frames, or even selections so it is always clear what is being commented upon. Assets can be marked as approved, under review, or rejected. 

User Controls

axle has the user controls to ensure that each type of user has access to the files and abilities they need, and can’t see or manipulate files they shouldn’t. Grant access to specific folders or subfolders, and manage capabilities per folder.

axle 2018 is the latest edition of axle’s award-winning media management software, supporting anything from small media libraries to large collections of over one million assets. Simply point axle at the storage volumes or folders you want to manage and it automatically creates low-bandwidth proxies you can then access from any web browser. Using our simple browser interface, it’s easy to search, comment, mark, approve, and annotate your assets from any location. There’s no need to move your media files or change your system setup. Your storage can be a SAN, a NAS or just a local RAID, and can be running in a Mac, Windows or Linux environment – all axle needs is to be able to read the file system. For optimal system performance, we recommend running axle on a dedicated quad-core or larger iMac or a Mac Pro. Because axle’s interface runs in a web browser, it works with any mix of Macs, PCs, and mobile devices (iOS or Android).

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