KVM Extenders

The AdderLink Range of KVM Extenders provide convenient and remote control of a computer from 10m to 10km distance. KVM Extenders are easy to install and encompass analogue (VGA, PS/2) or digital (HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort) video and USB extension over CATx or fibre.

A transmitter (or encoder) is placed at the computer and a receiver (decoder) is placed by the remote user station, along with a display monitor and control devices, e.g. keyboard, mouse, touch screen, graphic tablet or other USB device. These are connected together by means of a twisted pair copper (referred to as Cat X) or fibre optic cable.

Analogue KVM Extenders

The X100 and X200 extends KVM over 300m as a single point-to-point connection. A second computer can also be extended by using a CAM (Computer Access Module) VGA or DisplayPort dongle connected to the second Ethernet port. Dual computers are not simultaneously transmitted but you can switch between them using ‘hotkeys’.

X100 – extends VGA + PS/2 + Audio

X200 – extends VGA + USB 1.1 + Audio

Adder X100 Adder X200

The X50 and X-USB Pro extends a single KVM - although a Multiscreen (MS) option adds a second video (as shown in the XUSB Pro image below).

X50 – extends VGA + USB2 + Audio over 50m

XUSB Pro – extends VGA + USB2 + Audio over 300m

Adder X50 Adder XUSB Pro

Digital KVM Extenders

X-DVI Pro - extends DVI-D + USB + Audio over 50m

Features: Standard link version supports screen resolution: 1920 x 1200; Dual link version supports screen resolution: 2560 x 1600.

Adder X-DVI
Adder X-DVI Pro workflow

XD150 - extends DVI-D + USB + Audio over 150m

Features: Low rate mode 1920 x 1080 supports distance of 150m; High rate mode 1920 x 1200 supports distance of 100m; Supports isochronous devices. XD150XF Fibre version available.

Adder XD150
Adder XD150 workflow

XD522 - extends DisplayPort (x2) + USB + Audio (2-way) over 100m

Features: Used to extend desktop across x2 screens; Supports higher resolutions, up to 3840 x 2160 at 30hz; x3 USB ports are HID only (labelled A) and 1 port supports isochronous devices (labelled B).

Adder XD550
Adder XD550

XDIP - extends HDMI + USB + Audio (2-way) over 100m

Features: 100m extension distance over CATx cable; Feed through ports at both local and remote; Power from POE or external power source; USB2.0 (low and full speed) for keyboard, mouse, tablet and touch screen; Bi-directional analog audio (line in/out) with headphone support; Plug and play

Adder XDIP
Adder XDIP

iPEPS - IP engine per server

AdderLink ipeps enables computer access from anywhere in the world using secured RealVNC.

Adder ipeps
Adder ipeps

Adder Infinity

The AdderLink Infinity range also provides KVM extension using the stand-alone units.

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