KVM Switchers

AdderView KVM switchers are designed to enable KVM access to a selected target computer. They allow users to access multiple computers where it would not be practical to have multiple displays or peripherals filling their desk.

The switching is controlled either by a front panel button, via keyboard hotkeys, by an open API or by triggering the RS232 serial port (with control panel systems such as AMX, Crestron or ADDER Remote Control Unit RC4- 8P8C).

The AV4 Pro and AV8 Pro encompass True USB Emulation technology enabling faster, more reliable switching for maximum flexibility, control and efficient workflows. They feature independent simultaneous device selection allowing full control of USB peripherals and audio; hotkeys, mouse and remote switching capabilities; options port for control, synchronisation and upgrade; DisplayPort, DVI-I and VGA versions available; Dual, Triple and Quad head versions also available; and AVSD Secure is a security focused, tamper-proof AV4.

AdderView 4 Pro: 4 to 1

AV4 Pro front AV4 Pro rear

AdderView 8 Pro: 8 to 1

AV8 Pro front AV8 Pro system

CCS Pro4 with FreeFlow

Adder CCS-PRO4 is a breakthrough in command and control switching, delivering USB2.0, bi-directional audio and Adder’s revolutionary True USB Emulation technology. Adder’s Free-Flow technology means the operator can simply move the mouse cursor across multiple screen edges to instantly auto-select the computer they need to control. Supports multiple operating systems and features redundant power supply.

CCS Pro 4 CCS Pro4 Pro system

AdderView CATx

These rack-mountable products provide local and remote access for users to control multiple computer servers using PS/2 + USB + Audio. They can be cascaded and the remote option supports up to 300m and requires using a X100/X200. The global option uses Real VNC.

CATxIP 4000 CATx 1000
CATxIP 5000 CATxIP 5000

Model Simutaneous Users Connections Local Remote Global
CATx 1000 1 8 or 16 Y Y
CATxIP 1000 1 8 or 16 Y Y
CATx 4000 4 16 or 24 Y Y
CATxIP 4000 1 VNC + 2 remote + 1 local 16 or 24 Y Y Y
CATxIP 5000 4 VNC + 1 local 16 Y Y

Adder Infinity

The AdderLink Infinity range also provides KVM switching.

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