USB Extenders

USB extenders allow you to extend any USB device over long distances. From mice and keyboards through to touch screens, graphics tablets, jog shuttles and joysticks. Ideal for remote file ingest from cameras, mass storage devices and isochronous devices such as webcams and headsets.

Transparent Operation
Once connected, operation is totally transparent to the Users, the host system and the USB peripherals. There are no drivers or software to install and your USB devices work precisely as they did before.

C-USB LAN: USB2 over Gigabit Ethernet LAN

Adder C-USB-LAN is a high performance USB extender that enables you to locate your critical computing hardware away from the user work station whilst maintaining the original user desktop experience. It can transmit USB2.0 over a single CATx cable or via an 1GbE IP network. It can be integrated into the AdderLink Infinity Manager or stand-alone it delivers high-speed USB2.0 extension at 480 megabits per second.

Features: Transparent USB2.0 operation; 100m extension distance; Switchable and routable; USB2.0 Hi-speed for mass storage devices plus: USB2.0 (low and full speed) for keyboard, mouse, tablet and touch screen; Supports USB3.0 controllers; Isochronous support for audio devices and web cams; Plug and play.

C-USB Receiver
C-USB-Lan System

C-USB 2.0: USB2 over CATx cable

The AdderLink C-USB extender set provides a quick and easy way to place your USB devices up to 100 meters (330 feet) from a host system. Comprising two compact modules plus an auto-sensing mains power adapter, the AdderLink C-USB extender set is physically unobtrusive and totally transparent in operation. Complete support is provided for USB 2.0 (high-speed, low-speed, full speed) devices including isochronous communication.

Features: Compact, easy to mount; Plug-and-Play transparent operation; Complete support for your USB devices and all operating systems; Flexible power options; Built to last.

C-USB Pair
C-USB System

Adder Infinity

The AdderLink Infinity range also provides USB extension using the stand-alone units.

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